EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES specialize in the following services for businesses, professional associations, educational institutions and individuals.

  • Co-designing professional development opportunities to improve the contributions of individuals and groups while increasing the confidence for those seeking access to higher level responsibilities.
  • Assessing, designing, and re-imagining career and workforce training centers for schools, colleges, organizations, and businesses seeking to integrate lifelong learning within their communities.
  • Developing career development plans and coaching methods to improve transitions and promotions.
  • Co-creating employee, member, and student engagement programming to encourage collaboration, knowledge transfer, and leadership development.
  • Presenting workshops and facilitating discussions on career and workforce development topics.
  • Coordination of staff and professional development events, challenges, and adventures.
  • Connecting organizations to workforce development grants and educational resources.
  • Coaching services during layoffs or organizational restructuring transitions.
  • Career and business coaching for individuals and couples seeking new opportunities.
  • Co-designing career and educational development plans with youth and adults serious about their contributions to society. 

COST OF SERVICES will depend on the client's request, the level of customization, and the timeframe needed to bring the idea to meaningful actions.  Due to the customization I seek to provide each organization and individual, my goal is to focus on a limited number of clients each year who seek to connect their peoples' talents and values to the needs of the communities they serve.  In the end, we invest in what is important to us - and for me, it's to make a positive difference.
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Treat employees, students, and members like they make a difference and they will.