At any given moment,
you have a question running through your mind that makes you question your current state of being.  Over the course of the day, you may have asked yourself hundreds of questions.  Why that happens, I’m not sure.  Does it revert back to our genetic make up to survive and explore?  And what does surviving and exploring mean today in our hyper connectivity to technology and information? Our answers may reveal how connected we feel we are or aren’t with the world we pay attention to.  And who and what we pay attention to is a key factor in how we answer those questions for ourselves and how it makes us feel.

Am I happy? What do I want to do? Why is life so hard? Am I the only one who thinks this way? Have I made the right choice? Do I really matter? What’s my value? Why am I suffering more than others? Why do I need to learn this? Why am I so lucky while others suffer? Is there more in life that is passing me by? Why can’t I make enough money? Why don’t I fit in?

What if you only had one question that you could answer each day?  What would you like it to be and why?  Start writing to reveal the answer for yourself.

WHAT ONE QUESTION WOULD YOU LIKE TO ASK YOURSELF EACH DAY? Start with writing out as many questions that come to you – just go with it.  And when you start to slow down, restate the question to yourself and emphasis the word, “like”.  Once you feel you have written down all the questions that came to you, stop and review what you wrote down.  Immediately remove any that don’t feel right any longer. Do you see themes and words that are repeated?  Out of those questions, select the one that connects with you most, adjust its wording, or write a final question that combines the main points that are reflected in the questions that are left.   Now test the question by asking it in your head.  Does it make feel good and would it be a motivating question to ask yourself each morning?  Would it be motivating enough to act on it each day?  Now share it with someone else.  Did it feel good saying the words?  How did the other person respond to your question and how did their response make you feel? 

My Daily Question: __________________________________________________


Step 2:  Find the main point of the question and turn it inward.  (Why is this question important to you?)


Step 3: Define activities that you would like to do on a daily basis that includes some or all the values outlined above.


Step 4: Write down how you are currently doing these activities in your current life (self, family, work, community)


Step 5: Write down anything you feel is missing from your current activities that would motivate you even more to fully answer your daily question.


Now add any new items to your daily activities that can help you answer you daily question and be applied to yourself and with those your spend time with.  Over the next month, try focusing on answering this one daily question and reflect on how you feel and act differently.   Share your results.