Exploration Stage

Identifying and Planning the Opportunities You Really Want

This stage continues the investigative process, but ventures outside your personal world.  The farther you reach out to understand what the world needs and who is connected to those needs, the greater the chances of preparing yourself and your organization for a lifetime of interesting and valuable work.

The confidence you built during the Discovery Stage will align yourself or your organization with the needs of your immediate community or the world.  This is the connection people search for and gives them a sense of value and belonging.  Money is important, but relationships, contributions, and inspiring challenges are why most people are happy in life and work.

The process includes a variety of options that use online, in person, and experiential learning activities that move basic information to a personal understanding that motivates you to take bigger steps toward your goals.

All it takes to start is a simple conversation to determine the resources and connections you are ready to use to investigate the opportunities that surround you.

Benefits of this Stage of Development

  • People use new data to go beyond their own worldview to connect with existing opportunities.
  • People connect rational decision making to the emotional process of selecting further education.
  • People become aware that talents and interests can be applied and adapted to many opportunities.
  • People see all opportunities as important stepping stones that lead to major lifetime accomplishments.
  • People develop a stronger professional knowledge of  their field of study and industry segment.
  • People become more accountable for their results because they're aware of their competition.
  • People understand that lifetime learning is required to adapt to consumer trends and workplace changes.
  • People can add value to discussions and strategic planning processes.

Co-Designing Your Exploration Plan

With the use of a Career Coach, individuals will be taught how to expand their use of resources, professional connections, and hands on experiences to uncover new opportunities that relate to their talents, education, interests, and values.

A Group Facilitator will encourage and demonstrate the use of different tools and resources that will advance their members' interests.

An Employee Development Consultant will work alongside your management team to co-design a plan that includes industry specific resources, partnerships and systems to bring an innovative mindset to all workers.

Activities to Explore Your Career Options and Industry Trends

The resources below are a sample of exercises and literature that address this stage of development. Like any data or tool, assistance by those knowledgeable and trained in their use is advised for maximum benefit.

Let’s Talk About What You Wish to Explore

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