Recognizing Talents and Behaviors within You, Your Group and Your Organization

Assessment and reflection are important parts of this stage of valuing yourself and the people around you. It also gives yourself a starting point to determine how you wish to focus your time and energy to develop and enhance knowledge, talents and skills that will connect you to meaningful people, work, and life goals.

The process will be shaped to fit individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to take another look at themselves using different lenses and outside assistance which will provide a fresh and non-judgmental point of view.

It starts with a simple conversation to determine if both parties are equally committed and resourced to co-design a strategy to reveal and develop the strengths within and remove the barriers to successfully achieve established goals.

Benefits of this Stage

• People connect with their best selves and want to share it with others.
• People become accountable for their thoughts, decisions and actions.
• People begin to understand what talents they wish to strengthen.
• People begin to understand and value other thoughts and behaviors.
• People become more confident to speak and act on matters.
• People are more accepting of others when they value themselves.
• People become less fearful of situations and behaviors.

Co-Designing Your Discovery Plan

With the use of a Career Coach, individuals will focus on building a strong personal and professional foundation and strategy to realize career and educational goals.

A Group Facilitator will act as an unbiased guide to bring together, identify, and unify the talents, strengths, and perspectives of groups seeking to achieve meaningful goals.

An Employee Development Consultant will work alongside your management team to co-design a plan that includes customized programs that will encourage the recognition and development of talents within your workforce.

Activities to Discover Yourself and Those Around You

The resources below are a sample of exercises and literature that address this stage of development. Like any resource or tool, assistance by those knowledgeable and trained in their use is advised for maximum benefit.  A variety of assessments and coaching approaches are available and designed according to the needs of each client.

Let’s Talk About Your Next Big Discovery

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