Action Stage 

Designing, Communicating and Activating Your Ideas

It's time to move your insight into measureable action steps that are motivating for you, your group, or your organization to complete.

It's about developing a collaborative and clear strategic plan that requests input from those who will be doing the work and from those who will benefit from the work.  

Using data from your discovery and exploration stages will provide unbaised information to prioritize goals and link the appropriate resources to each task.

A simple conversation can determine if all the resources needed to move ideas to actions are available and ready to proceed.  There never seems to be a convenient time for change processes, but without change people and businesses fail to reach their full potential. 

Benefits of this Stage of Development

  • People are connected to a vision with clear goals that they understand and value.
  • People are provided with knowledge, training, and resources to accomplish their goals.
  • People feel ownership, accountability, and purpose.
  • People communicate regularly to measure and celebrate progress.
  • People become less fearful as they experience new challenges.
  • People learn new skills and broaden their connections.

Co-Designing a Plan to Take Action

With the use of a Career Coach, individuals will design their own career development plan that uses the information and resources gathered during the discovery and exploration stages. The plan will have clear objectives and action steps with measureable goals.

A Group Facilitator will provide a group an unbiased approach to build a strategic plan that unifies the membership on a clear vision, measureable actions, and champions who will lead the way. 

An Employee Development Consultant will work alongside your executive and management teams to co-design strategic plans that include customerized programs, resources and processes that encourage employees to act with intention and purpose.

Resources to Activate Your Plan

The resources below are a sample of exercises and literature that address this stage of development. Like any data or tool, assistance by those knowledgeable and trained in their use is advised for maximum benefit.

For Individuals: Career Resources | Complete: Career Q's| Learn  by Doing | Join a Group or Professional Association

For Groups: Complete: Strategic Planning Guide | Read: Volunteer Engagement | Connect Members to Meaningful Initiatives

For Organizations: Review: Employee Development Guide | Read: Sway | Schedule, Promote, and Celebrate Employee Efforts, Progress, and Transitions

Let’s Talk About Moving your Ideas to Actions  

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