EMPLOYEE DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATES helps people love what they're doing - no matter if it's in school, at work, or in their community.  Work is personal, and everything we do requires some degree of work, so why not be intentional about how and why we employ our talents to achieve personal and civic benefits?  It just takes some reflection, exploration, and a whole lot of action.

Vision Statement: Recognize and unleash the talents within individuals, teams, and organizations for social and economic progress.

Mission Statement: Employee Development Associates will customize and co-design innovative professional development programs and coaching methods to recognize, develop and transition existing workplace talents for improved retention, productivity, and succession planning.

The Founder's Background - Robert Frederick "Bob"  ResumeMy Top 5 Strengths

“Recognizing and unleashing the potential within” has been my passion throughout my life.  Early in my career, a well known professor would always introduce me as "Bob means Job" and it spread throughout the college.  Many of my clients asked me if I could speak on their behalf at interviews and be their Talent Agent.  But they really didn't want that and neither did I.  We all want to have the confidence to value ourselves and be able to express it to others.  I've been that resource for others and enjoy creating opportunity zones where people get to practice thinking, communicating and behaving in a manner that they feel most represents themselves.  I specialize in co-creating programs, workshops, and processes that use the resources within a person or organization as a means to advancing meaningful goals.

My 30 years of progressive research and program development, professional coaching, event coordination, and formation of community partnerships make me unique compared to my competitors:

  • Recognized Career Expert within SUNY (the largest public university system in the U.S.)
  • Coached 10,000+ highly diverse community members from GED to PhD
  • Executive Member and Leader of Local, Regional and National Associations
  • Career Expert for Live Talk Radio, Cable TV, Newsprint, Social Media and Conferences
  • Extensive Professional Network within Education, Business and Workforce Groups
  • Coordinator, Facilitator and Presenter of thousands of Conferences, Workshops and Groups
  • M.S. in Human Development Theory, Advanced Coaching, Career Transition Counseling

I've been blessed to work with very talented people and I hope to work with many more.  Thanks to all.